There are a thousand and one dentists in Birmingham for you to choose from. However, what we want is more than just a dentist. We want a dentist that we feel we can trust when it comes to taking care of the teeth. Finding the best dentist in Birmingham can be really demanding and stressful since Birmingham is a big city. I have made a list of some of the best dentists you can find in Birmingham that can give you what you really want.

Acorn Dental

Address : 208 Swanshurst Lane, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 0AW

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Phone : 0121 777 1537

The Acorn Dental Clinic was established in 1967, located in the heart of Birmingham is one of the best dental clinics you would want to go for all your dental care. They have been an award-winning dental clinic over time with highly qualified dentists. For some time they have been on the lead as the best dental clinic to have the best cosmetic dentists for providing dental implants, composite bonding and dental implants.

Lozells Road Dental

176 Lozells Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B19 2SX

The Lozells Road Dental is another dental clinic where you can also find one of the best dentists in Birmingham. The dental clinic practices more of a multilingual system, meaning they can communicate with different people from different nations. The dentists can communicate to patients in different languages such as Swahili, English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi etc. at Lozells Road Dental; you can also get deals like 37% off for dental filling.

St. Pauls Square Dental Practice Birmingham

Studio 1, 51 St. Paul Square, Birmingham, B3 1QS


If you are looking for the best Invisalign dentists in Birmingham, you have it with St Pauls Square Dental Practice. Their dentistsuses the latest modern facilities to treat any form of dental issues on their patients and of course for their dental cosmetology. If you are looking for a dentist for general dental care, preventive or for family dentistry, you have it all with St Pauls Square. 

Scott Arms Dental Practice & Dental Implant Centre

914-916 Walsall Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B42 1TG


If you’re looking for good and well-experienced dentists in Birmingham for teeth replacements and other cosmetic dentistry, then you have the Scott Arms. They have one of the best dentists skilled in cosmetic dentistry. Looking for a dentist to help you boost back your smile, find a way to Scott Adams. Their dentists are known to be award-winning dentists with expertise in areas such as teeth replacements, eliminate dentures, and delay signs of ageing by preventing bone loss and so on.