When it comes to restaurants and getting good food, Birmingham can comfortably be chosen as a nice spot for this in the world. Not only do they have amazing attraction spots but also home to some of the award-winning restaurants in the UK. Numerous restaurants in Birmingham provide excellent tasting meals which makes it really difficult to decide on which restaurants are the best.

Even though it is a really stiff one to choose which restaurants are the best in Birmingham, we have come up with a well-vetted list based on the customer service, meals served, general rating and ambience.

Below are some of the bestrestaurants in Birmingham you should look out for;

  1. Adam’s Restaurant

Adam’s restaurant is indeed a restaurant to visit. You can never go wrong with their meals. Theyare rated as the second-bestrestaurant in all of the UK and not just that but also the 6th in Europe. You can get a 3-course mealon the ground floor, and the ambience is sure to blow your mind.

They have one of the finest and quality cooking in Birmingham which are exceptionally tasty and will get just anybody salivating for more.

People have chosen Adam’s restaurant as their favourite not just because of their delicious meals but also because of their fantastic customer service.

  1. The Wilderness

Before you start with the meals in this place, you are sure to fall in love with the ambience and beautifully staged restaurant –it is indeed a beauty to behold. Whether you are one for local cuisines, Eritrean, Ethiopian or vegetarian meals, you will definitely find something that will quench your hunger.

The numerous reviews from customers in this place have gone a long way to build a long-lasting reputation. Whether you decide to have a basic dish of heritage carrot and mackerel or beef and oysters, you are sure to have the meal of a lifetime.

  1. Harbourne Kitchen

A visit to this restaurant will definitely get you roped in and keep the “Harboorne’s Kitchen” name on your lips for a very long time. With Harborne kitchen, you can get your modern British cuisine at really affordable prices without having to rip your bank accounts apart.

They have a wide range of vegan meal options from which you can choose one that suits you. They are keen on serving their customers with excellent quality through their ambitious kitchen.

  1. Purnells Restaurant

If you are in Birmingham, then you totally need to visit Purnells if you want some great tasting meals. This restaurant is a Michelin star restaurant and has been known over the years to deliver nothing short of amazing dishes. You can never go wrong with dishes from Purnells. They offer exquisite meals with amazing cocktails to quench the thirst. Whether you opt-in for their 8-coursePurnells tour or any of their other deliverables, you are sure to get stunning food presentation with different combinations.

Whatever option on this list you get to pick, you can be guaranteed to have the time of your life during your stay in Birmingham.