Travelling in Birmingham is not that difficult, in fact, it has become easy to travel in Birmingham, thanks to the West Midland Travel Network. There are several ways to travel from Birmingham; it depends on which is suitable for you. The different means of travelling could be by car travel, train or bus. Birmingham, as we all know, is a big city and also a very busy one at that too, so car travel is not really recommended, however, travelling with public transport system is way better than the car travel.

Travelling by Bus in Birmingham

One good thing in Birmingham is the good bus travel system in Birmingham making travelling a lot easier for people. For maps for the buses in Birmingham, you could get at tourist offices, libraries and travel West Midland Shops.

Tips for bus travel in Birmingham

  • The buses depart from different points in the city of Birmingham
  • Be sure to bring the right amount as the busses do not give change. The maximum fare for the buses is about £2.40, so be sure to have some loose change before you plan your money.
  • If you do not know the area very well, it is advised to sit close to the driver,so he notifies you when you get to your bus stop. Though some of the bus drivers are not very friendly as some might not even look or speak to you during the journey so best using maps and phones to navigate.
  • Another advice is to avoid early mornings, more especially on Mondays as that’s when the staff renew their commuters. They are actually nice but not really fast as you would expect.

Traveling by Train

Travelling by train is another excellent means of local travel in Birmingham. To keep up with the times, you can get information on the timetables and times from the national rail website. Birmingham has three main train stations which areBirmingham New Street which seems to be the biggest of the other train stations. The station is underneath the Grand Central. Trains from New Street travel all over the United Kingdom. It’s a bustling train station, so if you know this, you would definitely book your ticket weeks or months in advance. The other train stations are the Birmingham Snow Hill and MoorStreet which are smaller train stations compared to New Street. These smaller train stations run local services

Travel by Taxi

You can find a lot of taxis in Birmingham even right from the airport. With taxis, a mile should not cost more than £5. So for a trip of £4.20, you can give the driver £5 and say keep the change. Tipping is not really a culture in Birmingham, so it would be considered an act of generosity to tip the driver, however, if you do not, no one will get upset. For someone who is trying to live on a budget in Birmingham, using taxis are not really advisable as taxis can be costly compared to train travel and bus travel.

There are however other means of travelling in Birmingham; this could be with a motorbike or scooter which can be very useful in terms of getting around quickly.